In addition to one-time and Holiday-Related Cabarets, HiGlass has four major Cabaret Series that make up the majority of their programming. 

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Songbird: A Songwriter Session

S O N G B I R D:

A   S O N G W R I T E R


Nasty Women Rainbow Art.png

N A S T Y   W O M E N

Spoke N Heard Art.jpg

S P O K E   N'   H E A R D

Rising Stars Art.png

R I S I N G   S T A R S:

A   T E E N   C A B A R E T



Just like songbirds, we use music to communicate, each of us producing different sounds imbued with meaning based on our background and experiences. New York City is alive with talented musicians creating new music, and Songbird: A Songwriter Session is an opportunity for these artists to put their creations in front of an audience, and for the audiences to hear emerging artists debut new music.


"HiGlass is a fast growing, opportunity creating, powerful & loving creation. The highlight of my experience has been getting to working with youth in the Christmas shows!! Not to mention I’ve had the pleasure of seeing HiGlass came together when Hiers and Glassman made a choice to step up and lead. It has become a beacon of what creative collaboration can be; loving, supportive, and all sorts of harmony and chords!"

- Shino Frances, Performer

N A S T Y   W O M E N

After the particularly dramatic election cycle in 2016 we realized that although women in theater and music are revered, there haven’t been enough roles and venues designed to empower women. We set out to create the Nasty Women Cabaret to do just that. We have progressed this series and are now performing one show a month honoring the historical women that were born in each respective month, and telling the story of those women’s struggles to be heard through the voices of modern feminists both female and male alike.


"HiGlass productions puts on amazing shows. It is always a fun and entertaining experience with talented performers. Their unique productions are something you don’t see everyday- even in NYC! No matter who you are, when you are sitting in the audience you can’t help but connect with the performers and have a great time! I look forward to every month seeing what’s new!”

- Megan Whitehead, Audience Member


S P O K E  N'  H E A R D

Often the words we speak fall on deaf ears, but at Spoke N’ Heard poetic wordsmiths from across the five boroughs are not only heard by receptive audience members, but understood and appreciated for their spoken word poetry.

"Sarah and Ryan have created a supportive community of artists who build each other up and push each other to take risks in a warm and loving setting. It provides a safe haven for artists to experiment with their art as well as taking on roles in the production team, the value of which is immeasurable in a cutthroat city like New York. I am beyond grateful to both of them for bringing me into this community and giving me an opportunity to do what I love!" 

- Becca Barrett, Performer and Director

R I S I N G   S T A R S

Future stars of stage and screen prove yet again that age is just a number. The talent of youth is on full display in this cabaret where these teens and pre-teens show off their storytelling skills. Singing pop, rock, musical theater, and even original music these performers are bound for greatness.


"I’ve been fortunate enough to have worked with HiGlass Productions on a few projects. Demonstrating progressive ideas and casting, they are a fine representation of when professionalism meets community. I really appreciate their intent of presenting opportunities to artists that showcase their talents, and in return, felt appreciated for my work and individuality. HiGlass (Productions) is a tribe that will always be close to my heart.” 

- Emily Mullin